An adventurous soundman must embark on a parallel journey

to save the spirits of earth from a breed of star travelers.



Life is pretty predictable for CJ Singleton, until he takes on a job running sound for an aging rock band. During this time his family’s mysterious past begins to unfold, leading him to discover a disturbing centuries old battle between the spirit world and a life form from beyond the stars. As CJ travels from city to city, he learns this tour is no coincidence, and neither are the otherworldly encounters he stumbles into at each stop. CJ takes the lights and sound beyond all normal limitations, manipulating the gear during live concert performances in order to open portals long since closed. As a result, the stage shows are a hit and tickets are selling like hotcakes. It takes some head banging, but CJ soon realizes this legacy was bequeathed to him for more than just a career boost; he’s been chosen to deliver the fatal blow to the Landlers in the ultimate supernatural rock-n-roll showdown.


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     "CJ is the Indiana Jones of the Audiovisual world."


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