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Audio Synopsis -
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From the get-go .... this series is not about sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. There are tons of tales following those themes and they're pretty cool, but EKKO beats to a different drum. Of course those subjects pop up; this is live music we're talking about, but this series revolves around the people who work in the music business, not to mention the ups and downs of touring with a road crew.

The humans in the series are aware of the strange occurrences, but they have no idea they stem from paranormal encounters and lurking star travelers; they simply think that CJ is about as impaired as he is talented. That’s half the fun, though, and truth be told CJ wouldn’t have it any other way. And since he’s the one who works all night in these places, he gets to witness things no one else sees. 

Combine the above with an age-old legacy, and CJ has his hands full keeping the humans entertained while he secretly completes his mission.



Five years in the making, the EKKO Trilogy was released in May of 2015 and presented at Book Expo America in New York's own Jacob Javits Center. Ekko is a fun and stimulating adventure series. "Perfect for those who enjoy reading for fun."

I                    Johnny Walker is a musician turned soundman turned storyteller. He has  received two Billboard 

                     Songwriting Citations and been published in Global entertainment trades.  Johnny grew up in the

                    Southwest, sneaking into the den late at night to watch old movies. Having spent most of his youth

                    playing music on the road, he ‘settled down’ in New York City and became submersed in live theater

                    and music venues, this time performing A/V duties from the sound booth. After three

                    decades of entertainment mayhem and catering to the stars, Johnny has taken his

                    experiences and transformed them into a fantasy-based trilogy. His writing is influenced

                    heavily by authors ranging from Neil Gaiman to Patricia Highsmith to Orson Scott Card. He

                    lives in New York City where he avidly volunteers and tries not to wake his Wheaten Terrier,

                    Ella, when he sneaks into the den late at night.

Meet the Author
Papa Music - Nathan Juju Instrumantal

Want to Map It?

1) Click the song above called Papa Music and the

instrumental rock ballad will play while you,,,,


2) Click the 'Map It' sign ( opens in a new window.)


3) Listen to the music while checking out some of the

highlights of EKKO as Nathan Juju tours the country. 


Nathan Juju was hot stuff twenty years ago, and the lead singer, E, is determined to keep on performing. They're a classic rock band, always honored to play some good 'ol rock 'n roll. The monster stadiums might be a thing of the past, but a few monster egos are still riding the wave.  Now that the road crew has dwindled down to a handful of roadies, the drama is even more up close and personal. The road is tough enough, but this troupe of roadies wasn't born last night, and they're determined to get to the bottom of CJ's shenanigans.

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