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In May 2015, we took EKKO to BEA and pimped our goods at North America’s biggest book fair. We followed up with two days of Book Con, which was one big ass convention. It was awesome, energetic, and filled with creative people, some looking for stories. In addition to the Sci-Fi wheel and shitloads of candy, we handed out screenplay treatments to a few professionals in the ‘biz’.
EKKO went  from the convention to an option offer, at which time we began commencing on a movie screenplay. After six months of trying to squeeze

1000 pages of story into a movie, we regrouped and focused on a series.
Though no longer optioned, we’re on track with a series and things are working out better than before. We’re excited about the Pilot, “Follow the Stones” and we’re having readings, speaking with wicked cool film peeps, and Pitching this wild series. If you’ve read the books, you know the stage shows are out there to say the least. We're planning on bringing the fantastical concerts to the screen, along with your favorite paranormal pals, like Clarise,  Bob Dustin, the Grande Dame of the spirit world, Janie B, and most definitely Mr. 5008. (What a ham.)

Johnny Walker
CEO CIC Publishing / New York, NY

NYC actors are inspiring humans, and they did

an amazing job reading of the first two episodes:

EKKO Pilot:       'Follow the Stones'

Episode 002:    'Battle for Essence'

We're excited about the future of EKKO and uber grateful for all the

help and support that so many have brought to the table.

:Feb 2017 Critics Pic  @ WildSound Screenwriting


To get a copy of the Pilot, or the Bible

     contact us HERE

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