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The official website for Heart, the band you’ve heard and loved for many years. They’ve just been indicted into the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame, released an awesome book, released a new album, and got their own Stars on the streets of Hollywood. They’re just amazing. They’ve been pumping out music for over thirty years and they just get better, and better, and better, and better, and....

Chuck Nice:

If you haven’t seen Chuck on Good Morning America, or heard one of his radio shows, or caught one of his television shows, or seen him on stage; then you’re missing out. RUN, don’t walk, when you see this his name on the line up. He’s an awesome, awesome... individual.

Ebenezer & Co

Benjamin Bradley is the official Christmas expert. Hands down, no lie, no exceptions. I challenge you to find anyone with more [unique] ornaments, designs, and artifacts relating to Christmas. On top of having the coolest items on Earth, he knows the story behind each of them. Just way cool.


This guy is an amazing furniture creator. He uses old planks, antique wood, and yes – the walls of old barns, to make unbelievable furniture. He will also custom design something for you if you don’t see anything you want on his incredible website.

Harsh TV:

This site is sooooo damn cool. Get the latest from the music world; what’s cool...what’s drool. This site is run by some very cool peeps – LOADED with integrity. Big Kudos to Harsh TV!

A2VT (Africa to Vermont):

A terrific musical group in Vermont. Check out their latest CD: ‘Three Young guys from Africa’.  It’s awesome to see talent meet integrity meet hard work. They rock.

Going to New Orleans? Stop by Neutral Ground:

This place is not only terrific, but it’s the oldest coffee house in New Orleans. They also feature some very talented artists. Say hi to Mike while you’re there... he’s one cool guy.

Bobby Belfry:

Not only has Bobby been around for a while, but he has a truly amazing voice, only enhanced by his style and true dedication to what he loves. He’s just completed a new album called, ‘One Lucky Day’. I urge you to order this album – you will NOT be disappointed.

Jai E’s Drumming Revolutionized:

If you want to take drumming to a whole new level, a level beyond any lesson you’ve ever had, then check this man out. He does for drummers what Elvis did for rock-n-roll. Trust me.... this ain’t your typical drumming experience. Get on board with jai E.

Awakening NY. Donata Dobrowska:

I mention this store because a wonderful lady named Donata makes some incredible handmade gifs here. She’s just returned from doing relief work in Masaai and Tanzania and she brings her charm and skills to you every day of the week. Yo - she’s out in Brooklyn. Take a train ride – will ya?

Brian Balthesar – Pop Goes the Week:

The inside scoop revealed like no one else can tell it. The topics range from Unapologetically NY – to Friday Five. No subject untouched and all served up New York Style. You will find everything here – and enjoy your time on this site.

Halley DeVestern:

Halley is one of the most unique artists in New York City. She is focused and submerged in every minute of her performance. The are tons of great singers out there, but not many have the whole package, like Halley. Her band is dynamic and seems to just breathe with Halley as she delivers her music. GO...SEE...THIS...BAND.

The Frying Pan:

It’s an actual lightship that once sank, was brought up, and is now one of the coolest places in NYC to have lunch, (summer) or dinner, or just drinks at night.


Over the course of his career, Dirk has been compared to the late, great, Freddie Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickenson, and David Bowie. His music is original to say the least. He’s also one of the greatest human beings you’ll ever meet.

Broadway Performing Arts Center:

Run by great people and hard working artists. They carry products and provide classes suited to the strict needs of today’s economy. If you have children who are interested in dancing, your kids will not find any better attention or training.

Spoiled Brats:

This is a GREAT Pet Store in Upper Manhattan.  As if they didn’t already do a lot for the community, every first Sunday of each month, they provide coffee and doughnuts for dog owners at Fort Tryon Sir Williams Dog Run. Tre’ cool.

Live Paranormal:

Let’s not beat around the bush. This site is for true lovers of the Paranormal. It’s a live Social Community with Interactive Broadcasts, founded by a dynamic woman named, Ericka Marcia Broussarhane. This is the place to dive in and get down to business. So... what’s stopping you?

Birch Family Services:

They maintain a team of over 3000 Teachers, Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Nurses, and Residence Counselors.... working together with Board members and Family members to provide the finest Education, Habitation, and residential services to children and adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities. I am honored to Emcee some of their fundraising events. It’s a blast and it’s a great cause. Sign on and donate.

Know someone who rocks? Send us a note. We luv promoting awesome people.

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