C) EKKO Blue Violin (Book III)

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Combining storytelling with abandoned theaters seems to be a recipe for success, at least for those who enjoy delving into the unknown. But CJ’s not in charge of this show, and it’s a whole new set of rules. Finding other humans who share his passion is enlightening, but he can’t seem to break the ice and reveal his secret; that he has what they’re searching for. There’s been a breakthrough in his love hate relationship with the spirit world, but the electrifying step thrusts CJ disturbingly close to those who want a piece of his hide. The spirit world has done all it can do; now it’s up to CJ to decipher the clues and set them in motion. The time has come for the ultimate showdown and this is one ancient battle that cannot be avoided.

5 x 8 Paperback

75360 w

341 Pages

Creme Paper

ISBN: 978-0-9889944-8-5

Copyright 2015 CIC Publishing

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