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Sound man extraordinaire CJ Singleton has turned the music world on its head with his audiovisual effects. Throwing caution to the wind, he continues to cross the portals of time, dazzling the concertgoers with his shocking discoveries. That’s not going over so well with the phantoms. Accused of waging war with the spirit world, CJ is yanked from his environment and challenged with a paranormal stand off. CJ’s human pals are starting to demand some answers and it’s time to explain his bizarre behavior, but people with questions will have to get in line. Some terrifying phantoms have first dibs on CJ, and it’s not to commend him. They want the devices he uses to power the stage spectacles. Now that word is out in the spirit world, CJ’s life hangs in the balance with every move he makes. It’s getting tough for CJ to decipher who’s human, and who’s not.

Emily Review
Ginetta Review
Tha band that lives in the books
Neola Review
Paid at Midnight - Nathan Juju
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