"CJ is the Indiana Jones of the Audiovisual world."


 What is EKKO?


An adventurous soundman gets in over his head when he stumbles into an ancient battle between aliens and ghosts. 




The website is loaded with information about the EKKO Trilogy, including reviews and excerpts. Be sure to take a listen to the music  clips from the fictional band, Nathan Juju. You'll also see whacky little videos here and there - just for kicks.


The songs performed by Nathan Juju, 'the band that lives in the books,' are along the Americana style, rock-n-roll music. Some of the music clips were recorded exclusively for a new EXTENDED version eBooks, available for iPad readers.


Meet the Cast is a great way to take a peek at some of the scenes, giving you an insight about the characters in the series.


The author page will give you some background on Johnny and the reason for writing the EKKO Trilogy.


The Portal is the place to catch the latest news.


The Webstore is designed to get you in and out without any headaches, and no personal information is stored in our database. None. Nada. Nien. No way, Jose.


We currently offer ebooks, Paperbacks, music clips, Gift Cards, and links to EKKO products on Major Retail Stores.


We run all kinds of offers across the country. For this reason we added a Promotions Page to the web store ... a place to redeem those coupons and promo codes.


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Our FAQ should answer any questions you have about the series. If you still have a question, please send us a note. We love feedback, comments, and suggestions.


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